Saturday at Christopher Creek

Countless times have I driven past the exit sign to Christopher Creek. It was time for me to finally stop and really check out the area, so I get a cabin and start exploring. First stop is heading up the Mogollon Rim to find Woods Canyon lake to get some early morning fishing in.

For those that fish, you already know the calming affect fishing has on ones soul as you tie your line, prep your hook and cast out into the water. Early morning beers and sunshine. The fish arent biting for me though, so after a couple of hours I pack up the fishing gear and go for a hike around the lake.

Woods Canyon Lake is deceptively larger than it first appears, as the water weaves and covers the endless forest meadows that you find up here on the Rim. Eventually I make it back to my starting point and find it is a little after noon. I decide to continue on up country and see if I can find another fishing spot where I may have better luck.

Along Mogollon Rim dirt roads I bumble, eventually coming to a parking lot at the end of the road. The sign states the lake is a short half mile hike down. Fisherman are coming up the trail with their limit of fish on a string, so I excitedly pack up my gear and start hiking on down.

After the short hike to the lake, I walk around another mile or so to find a secluded spot to cast my line. It doesnt take along before a beautiful rainbow trout has been caught. I marvel at its skin sparkling in the afternoon sun before I release it back out into water.

As evening starts to roll in, I head on back to Christopher Creek and my cabin. I set up the propane stove on the deck, grill my veggies as the sun sets, and reflect on how content I feel.

Saturday was perfect. I can’t wait to see what Sunday brings…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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