A night at Red Rocks with Mama Kin, Tash Sultana, and John Butler Trio

It was a representation of Nationalism at it’s finest. An Aussie triple threat of music under the Colorado skies at Red Rocks in Morrison. I had my beer in hand, bare feet rockin’ and a front row seat. I was ready to party on down.
First up was Mama Kin & Splendor. She looked amazing, sounded divine, and her unique way of playing drums had the entire audience captivated.
All of their songs sounded great, but here was my favorite of theirs from this night. Give it a listen….

Next up was Tash Sultana. Their aren’t adequate words to describe her or her type of music other than phenomenal! I’d never heard anything like it. Beautiful, haunting, rocking….she is the real deal. Google “music looping“.
Check out this “Live” track of the song “Jungle” taken from the show I saw her in….

Finally, the headlining act, my man….John Butler Trio. I definitely felt my own Aussie Roots course through my soul as they played deep into the night, making old songs sound fresh with the increase in band members from the original three to now having five.

Check it out ya’ll!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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