So this past weekend I had many things going on, which is so out of the ordinary for me. First, on Friday, I was recovering from my trip to MN for a Billing Institute conference in St. Paul. The conference was really good, and I have a ton of info that if i so choose, could really benefit my current company. i haven’t decided yet what to do….

Later that day at work, i get told that we have to meet some stupid dumbass deadline and that all of my facilities financials must be completed by EOB on Tuesday. No problem, I tell them, if i work all weekend (URGHHH), but i strike up a deal to get this Friday off if i work on the weekend. DONE DEAL (which is awesome since I’m going to the midnight showing of Batman :Dark Knight, and most definitely did not want to go into work Friday after seeing that 2 and 1/2 hour movie.)

Saturday was my friend and co-worker Jeff Mathew’s son’s graveside service. I viewed this as an opportunity to use what happened to our family, and hopefully provide comfort to his family. Jeff and Jane both gave very heartfelt talks, and it was so good to see Jane again, considering the circumstances. I also passed on the book that the Bastians (friends that lost two children in a car wreck 6 months before Trud’s) gave us, “the Gateway we call Death”, by Russell Nelson (i believe) to Jeff. I told him the story behind that book, and he was very touched.

After that, i went into work, waiting until i heard from jared as we were going boating at Pineview that afternoon. Made it to the lake about 4pm, had a sweet BBQ on the beach, then hit the water. I’m currently working on making a movie of our sweet wakeboarding and tubing action that will be posted later. Then coming home, we were able to watch the lagoon fireworks as we were driving along the freeway. The perfect end to that day. Syd and Emily loved the fireworks (me too)

On Sunday, I took Sydney to go see WALL E at the new District theaters out at Daybreak. just the two of us. it was awesome. The movie is really good, and a must see just for the animation alone. Sydney was funny throughout the whole show as i got her all hopped up on sugar before the show started (something called Pucker Powder), and she couldn’t sit still. Good thing there was only 23 total people in the theater (she counted them)

All in all, a good weekend.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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