Donut Falls

So with it being unbearably hot to do anything in the valley except go swimming and then possibly catch some baby diaper disease, or stay inside and watch golf or Baseball, I decided instead to head for the mountains and go hike up and around Donut Falls. Here is the start of the trail…..
I thought i was done, but after some exploring, I found out this is only the bottom of the falls.
looking for the Donut, but I was lost, so time to just relax
I believe i found it (finally) after wandering around different trails for a couple of hours
nice Utah wildflowers


It was a good hike all around, but it is not as easy to find as many websites would have you to believe. But that was also the best part of it…..not following a set path but rather finding your own way…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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