This post is hard for me to put into words, but i will try. When I first heard about World of Difference thru a website announcing their 5K, I didn’t give it much thought, except to continue to support races for what i believed were worthy causes. When I found out thru their website of the opportunity to go to Africa to help build schools, I signed up, thinking that someone I knew ( a family member or friend) would also think it a fun time and go with me. But that didn’t happen. As the time to go drew nearer, I became more apprehensive about going by myself, with 22 complete strangers. What had I gotten myself into?But as I learned while there, the self discoveries I made, friendships formed, and life lessons taught was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I also felt that going was something Trudi always wanted to do, and I was just doing this to live thru her. But my experience taught me so much more, and has helped me reconcile my feelings about what happened to her in a very deep and profound way.

I was lucky enough to bring t-shirts from Trudi’s 5K. Jodi and Ranger fully supported my need to express my feelings about my sis and what she meant to me to the beautiful Kenyan children in the schools. Ranger told me afterward how strongly he felt Trudi’s spirit while I was speaking, and his words rang so true in my own soul. Thank you Ranger…

I accomplished things i never thought possible in my “former life”, such as, teaching 3 classes with Dawne about President Hinckley’s “Be True Be Clean” principles. the importance of Hygiene, and HIV/AIDS. Built library shelves, made steps to reach the kid’s classrooms, mixed cement by hand, dug ditches for wall foundations, cut rebar, formed lasting relationships with total strangers, realized potential inside me I had no idea existed, etc, etc….

I realized my own hidden potential (not so hidden anymore) and I now have the tools to use my potential to do whatever I what to accomplish in this life. What a wonderful awareness I discovered. I also found faith in a Lord God that I thought was lost. This faith helped me build strong relationships with people i will always cherish, especially my friend Peter Akol. I will do my best Peter to bring awareness to your cause and your little sister, I promise.

I learned about the power of forgiveness, through a story a young man by the name of George Kisi. His life story will stay with me forever, and I am so thankful to have it to help me whenever I may need it.

If I can offer one little nugget of advice : LIVE THRU SERVICE

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  1. Scott:
    With tears running down my cheeks I will try to say thank you for being the wonderful son that you are. I am so grateful for the experiences that you had and for giving of yourself to those wonderful people, especially the children.
    The video is amazing.

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