So Friday turned out to be quite a scary adventure for me. I start my morning out as usual, when a sharp, crippling pain hits my left side, radiating to my back and down to my groin. Before I even have time to contemplate this pain, i’m doubled over, rolling on the ground. Feeling that it is not quite my time to go yet, I hobble to my car and eventually make it up to the hospital. Even as I’m describing my pain to the ER nurse, i’m thinking to myself, if this is kidney stones, I think others have survived, so I should be ok. But trust me, I’ve never, EVER, felt anything like it.

Finally they doped me up so I could relax, and after a couple of CatScans, and fours hours of sleeping in a hazy stupor in the ER, they confirm my preliminary diagnosis. Two stones! Aye Caramba!

Not much they can do, so I find out, but wait for them to pass (oh good giggity). I’m still in pain, and nothing seems to be working right bodywise ( i won’t go into nasty details here) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that today will be the day I can give birth and have this whole nasty business be done with.

Good thing that came out of this….one of the main causes of Kidney Stones is the comsumption of Soda, so I’ll be working on eliminating that from the diet (which will most likely put me back into the hospital) HA!

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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