So….to take my mind temporarily off my current health situation, and to help pass the time ( 3 day weekends drag when you are feeble), I watched the following yesterday :

Arlington Road ( released in 1999, starring Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins)
This is such a thought provoking movie about trust, terrorism, and how one interprets the meaning of freedom for one’s self and one’s family. I’ve seen it several times, and I’m always left blown away at the end. Any movie that leaves one thinking is a good movie, in my opinion.
The Cove ( released in 2009) is a truly fascinating, yet disturbing documentary about the annual killing of dolphins in a National Park at Taiji, Wakayama, in Japan from an anti–dolphin-hunting campaigner’s point of view. I first read Dori’s review about this on her blog, and how she and her BF went to a private screening, and were silent driving home because of brutal imagery and thought provoking nature of this documentary. A must see.
Eastern Promises ( released in 2007) is a Russian crime drama. A realistic portrayal of the Russian mob, and the violence is hard to stomach, but the story and acting is top notch. I’m also a Naomi Watts fan, and she is superb.
So that’s it. My Saturday. I’m not complaining. And thank you to all who has sent me their ‘get well wishes’. It helps lift my spirit more than you’ll know.

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