Where do I start?
Since my blog is a personal journal of sorts and my way of documenting events in my life ( both good, bad, and indifferent) I’ll recap the highlights since last Friday.
  •  Last Friday -While hiking here I became really short of breath. So much so that it took me over an hour to walk about a third of a mile to my car. I thought to myself, this is a strange new and unusual symptom to my chronic back pain. Made it back to the hotel, and flew home in the morning.
  • Saturday/Sunday – Had a great weekend full of festivities. Still had back pain, but managed it with western medicine.
  • Sunday night – At the ‘rents for dinner, and back pain was worse and slight shortness of breath was noticeable.
  • Monday – work was work, but shortness of breath was more noticeable while just trying to have conversations. Went to gym, swam OK, but after getting out of the hot tub, almost fainted…..later that night, was busy packing for work trip, running up and down the house stairs. Bro and sis-in-law came to pick up an extra BBQ that I gave to them. They made the comment about me being so “winded”. I blew it off, and told them it was just a new symptom in my battle of my seemingly incurable back pain.
  • Tuesday – went to get another spinal facet injection. Could barely speak. Doctors cancelled injection as they were very concerned. Ordered tons of tests.
  • Wednesday – Had Venous Doppler ( negative), chest X-ray ( nothing to be overly concerned about) and MRI ( nothing). Went back to Dr. with results. Could barely stand up and talk. They admitted me to Davis medical center ER. Had blood drawn, met nasty nurse, had EKG ( normal). Doctor said that my symptoms were “weird” and sent me home ( four hours later).
  • Thursday – Sitting at desk at work. Felt terrible. Couldn’t breathe. Stood up and the world went fuzzy. Made it home for lunch, but laid on couch trying to hopefully feel better. Looked at clock and it was time to go back to work. Stood up, grabbed the wall, and the world went dark. Don’t know for how long. Scared in a way I have never been before, I drove back to work. Stumbled into my boss’s office and collapsed on the floor. Massive panic ensued from my very concerned co-workers. 911 called. Rushed to hospital. Had another EKG, ECHO of my heart, then a CT scan. All tests showed nothing significant. Given sedative medication. In ER for 5 hours. Preliminary diagnosis of hyperventilation syndrome and volume depletion, but was told ( and I appreciated the honesty) that my case was “weird” and they quite frankly didn’t know what was wrong. Prescription given for Zanex. Parents took me home. Passed out for the rest of the night.
  • Friday ( today) – Work told me to stay home and rest ( Thank You!). Woke up and felt weak but OK. Thought I should shower. Did my morning routine ( shower, brush teeth, get dressed) and started to feel the dizziness and shortness of breath again. Laid on floor and called my doctor. Dad came to pick me up. Doctor very concerned. Blood work showed elevated WBC and neutrophils. Possible infection. ( maybe Arizona Valley Fever????) Prescribed a Z-pack ( what they give for Pneumonia and Bronchitis) Also put me on a heart monitor. But to do this she had to shave parts of my chest for the leads to stick….
 I also have had both arms drained for blood work several times. They look like a heroin addicts arms.

So now, instead of my awesome holiday weekend adventure I had planned, I get to lay in bed all weekend, drink all the vitamin water I want ( thanks Costco and ‘rents) listen to music, watch bad TV, catch up on movies I want to see, and try not to freak out. But at least I have this little bit of advice from Trudi, which always makes me smile…..

If anyone reading this has a clue to what might be happening to me, I welcome your thoughts. I see a cardiologist next Friday. Stay tuned…..

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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