He isn’t known for his voice, guitar playing, or showmanship, but if you shake all of it together you get Peter Frampton.
And on a hot summer evening, that was just the SLC received, and it was amazing.
Frampton replayed his best selling Live album for the first act of the concert. Hearing the classics that I had only heard on the radio before made my senses come alive.
He then surprised me in act two, playing long instrumental, psychedelic jam sessions, which rocked the entire audience.

You were also able to glint at his humor, from drug references to his early years, to having William Shatner be the voice announcer between acts. Well done Peter!
With a bottle of red, cool breezes whipping the short dresses of girls dancing, and a crimson sunset settling over the valley, the show had a feel of mysticism.

Of magic.

Of something that happens only once,
and of which I was glad to be a part.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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