In the days before I had an Ipod, all my Cd’s were stolen out of my car. Devastated, I would spend countless hours at night scouring the Internet, downloading music, trying to build up my lost collection… it was during this time that I discovered the band John Butler Trio.

I liked what I heard, and since I’m half Aussie and that is where the band hails from, I felt a sort of instant kinship to them.

When I found out a few weeks ago that they were playing at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, I spontaneously ordered my ticket, and booked a flight to Denver. It has always been on my list to see a show here.

Fighting my way through Denver’s Friday afternoon traffic, I eventually arrive in Morrison, nestled beautifully at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  There is plenty of free open parking available, so I parked my car in what I hope will be an ideal spot for a easy exit after the show.

The scenery is simple amazing, with Red Rock boulders everywhere. I find the stairs that lead me to the entrance, almost walking into the rock walls several times as I look around at all the natural wonders instead of paying attention to where I’m going. I find my seat and settle in.

What I didn’t know was that the show has three bands playing, making the concert over five and half hours. First up was a band called Gary Clark Jr., and let me tell you, he blew me away! He looks like Jimi Hendrix, and his guitar playing is phenomenal. They kind of sounded like the Black Keys.

Next up was a band called Trevor Hall. I didn’t know that three bands were playing when they started, and so I thought these guys were John Butler Trio, ( although I was wondering why they had four people in their group….) nevertheless, they were a great band to listen to as the sun slowly set over the Denver area.

Which led to the main act. John Butler Trio is one amazing band. I’ve never, ever heard or seen anyone play the guitar and banjo the way he can, and his drummer is also freaking unbelievable!

They are very much about bringing people together, and trying to help everyone realize that all of us on this planet need to work as one to accomplish goals such as protecting the environment, hunger, and poverty. Their cause during the show was to raise awareness about what Chevron is doing to a place in Western Australia called Kimberley. Please check out the link to help Stop the Gas Hub, and support this area.

P.S. they rock a Digeridoo

6 Replies to “in the Red Rocks with John Butler Trio”

  1. @Suzy – I should have let you know, what was I thinking? I would love to see the area and explore it, for sure.

    Next time I make it back to our area, I'll let you know, as a guide would be awesome, thanks!

  2. I'm so glad you got to experience a concert at Red Rocks! You should have told me you were in town. Red Rocks is even beautiful to visit when there isn't a show. I have been up once this year, but I think a second visit is in order.

  3. Relating to two of your recent posts…

    When I was 19 I got caught by security scaling the red rocks to sneak into a Trey Anastasio show. The guards must have taken pity on me because instead of busting me they walked me to the front of the stage 🙂 It was amazing! I love Red Rocks!

    ps…mentioning CDs don't date YOU nearly as much as the mix tape collection I'm stowing under my bed 😉

  4. Great photos again.

    I was talking about CDs to my 15 year old daughter the other day and she reminded me of the huge case of them that she used to carry round. I lost most of my music a few years ago but have started really getting back into it again.

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