On the eve before I leave to go back to Kenya, I sit looking through letters from children I barely know. Not the children I’ve met in Africa in the past, these letters are from kids in my hometown, kids that want to make a difference.

A couple of months ago, I came up with the idea to try and start a pen pal correspondence with the kids in Kenya and students here in the USA. It was part of Peter’s Project that I wrote about here.

As surprised as I was about how well received it was, I was even more shocked when I received letters back a couple of weeks later from every child at the school where I did my presentation. The kids are eight and nine years old.

Here are what some of them had to say :

Rebecca “I really had fun learning about Africa and I can’t wait to get my pen pal. I wish I could go over with you and meet him/her. I hope that I can send some school supplies that I don’t need and I wish I can really help Africa with you!”

Kaitlynn ” It was really cool learning about Kenya. It was really exciting and interesting when our class saw how high they jumped. All of the kids that were dancing and singing were very cute.”

Sara “I think you’re amazing to try and help them build schools and bring supplies to them. you changed my life. I want to help like that and be just like you. I want to help Kenya and make a big difference like you. Thank you so much for coming.”

Benjamin ” I’m glad that you came. …It is amazing how they can survive with no technology.”

Nate ” I thought it was exciting I thought when that guy shot the cow with the bow and arrow. I can’t wait to write to my pen pal. it’s going to be fun. And I am brown also.”

Gentry ” I loved learning about Kenya. We should be thankful about what we have. Thank you for coming to our classroom.”

It is I that was lucky enough to go to their classroom. Thank you guys.

I’m ready to go.

3 Replies to “an unexpected surprise”

  1. Wow, this is so inspiring. Proud of the great project you're undertaking. Good luck for being back in Kenya, hope to read lots more about it here 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh. Those are some of the most adorable responses. “I am brown also” Too cute.

    While I am not brown, I am various shades of green with envy that you are there….and I am here.

    Have fun. Be safe. Give my love!

  3. that is so cool! and such a special thing to bring over to the kids in kenya. I am so excited for you and I cant wait to hopefully join you next year! (im crossing my fingers)

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