A man is walking alone along the ocean shore and notices thousands of starfish stranded on the beach from the receding tide, dying. Compelled, he starts to pick them up, one by one, and gently tosses them back into the ocean.

A stranger notices what he is doing, and asks him why he is even trying, as there will be no way he can save them all.

The man replies, ” but at least I saved this one.”

(from World of Difference team members Dori and j.D.)

Full of hope in the eyes of it’s children.
The team moves 50,000 pounds of stone.
Eyes that are full of wonder and curiosity.
The team moves 240,000 pounds of sand.
In the slums outside of Nairobi, the world changes.
The team moves 104,000 pounds of gravel.
It’s a place I see where people survive by working together, helping each other.
We mix 104,000 pounds of cement, haul by hand 1,500 gallons of water from the river.
For children’s desks, we nailed 178 lbs of nails into 2,948 feet of wood that we cut and sanded by hand.
I make realizations that were hard to grasp previously, the orphaned, abandoned, the hungry, desperate souls. One can be overwhelmed.
We delivered over 2,300 lbs of donated educational and medical supplies to over 11 schools, whose total children outreach was over 1,461 children.

I dream big in Kenya.

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