Angels Baseball

Each year with the coming of Spring my thoughts return to my long time goal of seeing a baseball game in each MLB stadium in the USA. Most years I fail even making it to one game, and if I do go, it’s to a stadium that I’ve already been to.

Last week I went to Los Angeles for work, and although I’ve been to the Angels stadium before (in 2006) I purchased a ticket to see the Angels play the Boston Red Sox my second night in town.
 My seat is right behind home plate, although up on the second tier. There is a light breeze that comes with the setting sun, and to be honest, I’m freezing. I’ve acclimated to the Arizona heat quickly, and anything below 75 degrees is brutal if I don’t have the proper clothing attire.

It was 66 degrees at game time, and my shorts aren’t cutting it. My tasty beer and garlic fries most likely will not keep me warm for nine innings.
 Last Spring here in Arizona, we saw Angel’s star player Albert Pujol’s at our favorite Dominican restaurant hanging out with the owners and fans. It was a thrill to see him play and hit his 2990th RBI.

It was the only highlight of the night, unless you count the grand slam that the Red Sox got in the second inning.

They end up beating the Angels badly, and the dropping temperatures had me bowing out after the sixth inning.

Still, anytime at a baseball game is time well spent, in my humble opinion.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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