another great day of skiing!

Saturday was the first time in a while that SLC has had a break in the weather with no snowstorms, so i thought it would be a perfect day of sunshine up in the mountains. The weather people don’t have a clue as it was cloudy and windy at the peaks, but the snow conditions were ideal, so all in all in was another good ski day. I was able to brave some more runs that I’ve previously been a little trepid about doing, improving my skill with each trip (I think). My endurance is getting better as well, although this trip was a first for me as I was getting on the Supreme lift and the chair came upon me a little quicker than I anticipated and my poles went flying into the air! I was able to capture one pole between my ski’s (which took quite a bit on concentration with the girl next to me screaming, wt!) and the dude’s on the chair behind me were able to recover my other pole and carried it up for me. First time for everything, eh? after that I realized it was time to go before i really hurt myself.
Excellent playlist of Jack Johnson’s new CD ‘Sleep thru the Static’ and Sheryl Crow’s new CD ‘ Detours’. Both are awesome and I recommend them to everyone. later Gators…

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