• It’s been one year yesterday (Jan. 25th 2007) that you were taken from us. i wanted to just write down some of my favorite times/memories we had together little Sis :

*The beauty of Taco Sauce packets while camping (you know what i mean…)
*Going outdoors and being attacked (at least in our minds) by birds of prey (I do think that California Condor was eyeing us, and i know that eagle at the top of Millcreek canyon was out to get me)
*Skiing with you and Aaron and taking out the poor little squirell.
*Always laughing at my crazy sense of humor. You were the one person i could always count on to get me. But this is why you were such a wonderful person, because I know that everyone who knew you felt the exact same way.
*The poop report
*Gummy bears
*Your awesome T-shirts. My personal favs were ‘Homosexuals are gay’, ‘tell your boyfriend to stop calling me ‘, and of course ‘love for sail’
*Our mutual respect for people no matter who they were, as long as they weren’t an Ass (life is too short to tolerate that, eh?)
*WT baby!!!!
*Mountain biking in yellow horse canyon. You were such a trooper, even when you crashed into the river while me and the guy on the horse just laughed and laughed…
* Going to the jazz and heckling the detroit pistons

  • *Introducing me to the awesome Pete Yorn, Wilco, Travis and Nora jones while we drove together to move me to Arizona (and spotting elk for Darin all along the way)
    *Making me a better person by your example
    i have so many more, but i can’t type any more thru my tears. We all love and miss you so much. Sydney and Cedar are so cute, they miss their Auntie Trud’s, and their loving, carefree spirit carries the rest of us.LOVE….Scottums


2 Replies to “One year later – My fondest memories…..”

  1. Once you start, I think you’ll find out how much fun it really can be. And it’s a great outlet to express yourself.Love….Scott

  2. After reading this I realized my not contributing because I wasn’t sure how to, or that I wanted it to be perfect were some of the worst excuses ever.So, my goal is to create a blog and have something one it by the end of March.Thanks for being a wonderful brother and son.Mumsy

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