Movie Review – There Will Be Blood

This is Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie. He is the director of such movies as Magnolia and Boogie Nights (two great movies). This movie also stars Daniel Day Lewis ( My Left Foot, Last of the Mochicans, Gangs of New York) and is based upon the novel ‘Oil!’ by Upton Sinclair.

Ok, suffice it to say I found this movie to be a fascinating characterization study of greed and faith. Daniel Day Lewis’s character, Daniel plainview, is a early 20th century self proclaimed ‘oilman’. He is driven by greed and wealth, and the way he uses his personality to get what he wants draws you into the movie and doesn’t let go. His character tackles the God-fearing people of the small town whose land he needs to own so that he can drill for the oil he wants.

This movie is really about the characters. The cinematography is awesome, but little action (no car chases, aliens, or monsters, except for Plainview). It’s rated R for violence, which i thought was pretty minimal until the very end. ( and still it’s not that bad, but i am desensitized to that kind of stuff)

So if you like Paul Thomas Anderson’s work or Daniel Day Lewis, definitely see this movie. If not, or you aren’t familiar with their previous works, you might not enjoy this movie (i.e. Don’t blame me if you don’t like it)

P.S. Two punk kids walked out of the movie, thinking it was a boring western by the comments they made when they left. But everyone as i was leaving said it was one of the best movies they had seen in quite awhile. I concur with the latter….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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