My next Puerto Vallarta adventure takes me to Old Town, weaving through small cobblestoned streets until I find the small shop tucked away in the center of the city. Rows of ATV’s are at the front entrance.

Our group gets a quick tutorial, then we saddle up to the mechanical beasts and start our journey, weaving through town on our way up into the Sierra Madre mountains.

As we jostle along the streets, getting to know our machines, I marvel at the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. The vibrant colors and architecture, the smell of the ocean and street vendors, the drunk tourists and local families are all blended together into a perfectly delicious frappe.

It doesn’t take long to leave the city though, following the only road from town up into the Sierra Madre’s, riding along the river. The hustle and bustle of the city is soon gone, replaced with quiet locals and farm animals along the road. The jungle comes alive as we ride.

After a few miles, we stop at a local tequila making establishment. Run by one single family for generations, we get to sample some truly different and absolutely tasty tequilas, as well as a cool and delicious margarita (blueberry for me please).

We continue upward, eventually reaching the summit for this particular ride. The scenery is spectacular, lush jungle with no city noise whatsoever.

As we start our descent, we find another little local bar by the river to stop and rest for a spell. Those that are hungry, like myself, fill up on tacos and beer. Kids are swinging over the river on a tire swing.

As we come back into town, we take an alternative route through the tiniest of cobblestone streets so that we can go by a famous house that was once owned by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the Casa Kimberly.

No time to stop though, so I mentally bookmark where this is so that if I have time later in the week I may stop back on by.

Another day is in the books in paradiso Puerto Vallarta.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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