Day Sailing…day drinking

Day two in Puerto Vallerta and I realize that using Uber is going to be my preferred mode of transportation. 7 a.m. finds myself being picked up at my hotel and whisked across a sleepy town in the early morning.

I get checked in easily enough, and as the sun just starts to break across the water, I chill on the deck of our sailboat for the day, a bloody mary in hand.

The sails go up as we head out of the harbor and across Banderas Bay. It’s my first time seeing the PV landscape from the water. A couple of dolphins join us for a bit as we cruise along.

We stop near a secluded and near empty beach, drop anchor and relax with paddle boards and other fun water toys. I jump onto one of the SUP’s, and test my skills on the open ocean.

Lunch is provided and the drinks keep on flowing. We decide to go looking for whales, or perhaps it might be more apt to say the whales came looking for us.

What happened next was pretty unreal. Scores of whales appeared all around us. Full breaches, whales slapping their flippers repeatedly against the oceans surface, as if they were inviting us to come play with them.

We willingly obliged. Every time I see a whale I get goosebumps. Something about a massive yet gentle creature living free in a space on this planet with whom I share always connects to my soul in a deeply profound way.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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