Whether I wanted to have a margarita on an upper level deck while people watching from the streets below, or walk the ocean boardwalk, Puerto Vallarta’s safe yet vibrant culture let this solo traveler go where ever he wanted, without hesitation.

Honestly, I have always felt safe in Mexico, but PV had a little extra sweetness about it that not just lets one feel safe, but you become a part of the town itself. Perhaps it was because so many people from other countries had vacation homes or even permanent residences here. I think it had more to do with the locals that live here though.

I find a church preparing for Mass, and sit in the wooden pew and let the spirit of a divine presence wash over me.

Endless fresh fish tacos prepared beachside. When I’m full and slightly tipsy, I get lost in the small alleyways as I climb endless steps that lead to beautiful new discoveries and breathtaking views.

A local massage parlor tends to my sore muscles as I lay naked in the open air room. I lose all inhibitions as the pain melts aways under her tender hands.

It has taken me years to build up this confidence to freely explore new countries by myself.

Some may never understand how I do this, other may chide my seemingly reckless behavior. It isn’t a choice or a lifestyle for everyone, yet it resonates deeply and profoundly with me.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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