Across the road from the Logan’s Pass Visitor Center in Glacier National Park is the start of the Highline trail. This will be my third time hiking this trail, although I’ve never fully completed the hike on any one occasion.

Maybe one day I’ll return and go the full distance, but for today, I just want the littles to experience my favorite part of this trail, which is the sheer drop-offs at the beginning, the amazing mountain views, and the possibility of a Rocky Mountain Sheep trail traffic jam.

My brother’s wives though have other plans, and freak out about the drop-offs and decide not to let two of my nieces go, which in hindsight is probably for the best. Safety first. So my three brothers, Crazylegs and Cbug, and my littlest niece Hope (strapped to her Dad’s back in a carrier) get started….

The smoke does not dampen our spirits, and although we don’t hike far, distance isn’t the goal today.

When we return to the start, I remember a picture of crazylegs in a carrier on her Dad’s back from when we were here in 2004. I tell her to jump on her Dad’s back so we can re-create that picture.

She just about topples her Dad over, but we get the picture. It’s an image that makes me smile every time I see it.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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