It’s hard to believe how many years I’ve been going back to Wonderspaces. Time truly is a cruel mistress. From first hearing about this new concept space for art and creativity in 2018, I’ve been a regular over the years as the galleries have changed, even through the dark pandemic years.

As I’m still trying to mold a new version of myself this decade, I use the freedom that this place opens in my mind to carry onward and inspire me. I want to be an artist too, whatever that may mean…

Or perhaps I too only want to be forgiven. For someone or something to tell me that what I am doing is enough. I have value.

I sometimes think we all want the same thing, which is why no one is happy. Fleeting moments of euphoria is the best that one can hope for. Be grateful for those.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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