Piggy backing off a work trip in south Tucson, I stay for the weekend to go exploring. First up was a trip into the Tumacacori mountains for some hiking. Although it was the end of September the morning temperatures were cool in the higher elevations.

The summer monsoons have the trails covered in overgrown weeds, making it near impossible to see snakes that may be resting in the undergrowth. I try but soon abandon the trail I had intended to hike, and instead follow a creek around the area on a more open path.

Tumacacori is an old Spanish settlement where I stop next. It doesn’t take long to see the buildings and learn more about the history. I can take a trail and walk down to Tubac, an artist’s retreat full of pottery, metal artwork and old cars.

Elgin is a high desert community making a name for itself from it’s wineries. I find tiny tin box home to sleep in for the night. The quiet of wine country as the sun turns the area that deep crimson red glow before night falls stills my heart.

I wake up early to watch the world light back up under a rising sun. The rows of vineyards sparkle and shine as the day’s first light falls upon the leaves. No matter where I go in the world, I always love coming back to The West.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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