Ballet Folklorico

I heard on more than one occasion that if you were going to do one thing while in Mexico City, it would be to see Ballet Folklorico.
I made it a priority my second time around in CDMX. I get all fancied up before my driver comes to the hotel to pick me up, then we fight the insane evening traffic through the streets of downtown.
Eventually we make it to the Palace of Fine Arts. The city is alive with electricity as I dodge cars and weave through the crowds to the entrance.
I wait in line and listen to the excitement in the air as conversations in Spanish are bubbling about tonight’s show. I’m eventually seated, the lights go down and the show begins….
The music, the dancing and choreography blew my mind. The humor was unexpected, as well as many other little surprises throughout the evening.

Even though the entire performance was in Spanish, I never felt lost. In fact, I’d never felt more inspired, touched and alive.

The pure beauty of Ballet Folklorico De Mexico is something I wish everyone could have the chance to experience in their own life.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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