Poachers in Africa covered in blood as they celebrate with the tusks of a dead elephant.

A man and a rhinoceros come close to sharing a kiss under a rainbow umbrella.

A sharks dead, black eyes seem to pierce the soul of the onlooker as the hook in the corner of its mouth starts to rip the animals flesh apart.

A blue whale spins around, dancing with floating humans deep in the bluest oceans, the waves of garbage not far off….

Row after row of newborn children next to a wasteland of deforestation.

A mighty gorilla tied to bamboo poles like a slave, taken to auction to be sold and killed to the highest bidder.

The hillsides that children play in, covered with refuse for miles.

A lone wolf with yellow eyes and blood dripping from it’s teeth, the carcass of the lone caribou in the water.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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