We pulled the van off the street and into the trash filled embankment on the side of the road. The putrid smell filled my senses and I gagged.


“The school is just down here a little bit, not far…”

The dirt path was littered with garbage, a surreal scene as new homes were being constructed just to our left. A striking dichotomy of the new emerging Kenya and the dire situation in the slums that remain.

The sound was faint at first, akin to a loud radio being played far off in the distance. As we kept walking though, you could tell it was no radio.

It was the sound of children singing. As we turned a corner and followed the path down a ravine, the piles of garbage somewhat cleared and tin shacks emerged, smiling people everywhere.

This school never has visitors. Most people living in the slums don’t even know of it’s existence. A people forgotten.

So, when Build.Create.Kenya came to visit, they were ready to welcome us.

The smiles on the faces brought me to tears. Hope in a sea of hopelessness. “This is what we are all about” I thought to myself.
The sun was setting as we were walking back to the van, children surrounding us as we went, not wanting to leave our side.

A perfect affirmation that what we are trying to do is right, at least right for us.

Meet Build.Create.Kenya ( j.D, Dori, Pauline,me)

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