In addition to the many species of monkey in the Amazon, we were privy to witness a host of other creatures as well.
One of the most interesting animals to me was the sloth. A strange, childlike creature hanging in the branches along the river’s banks.

You could actually see the moss growing on their backs due to the animal’s slow nature. The guide tells us that they only poop once a month, but their digestive system is slow enough to accommodate.


On the slow moving river, we search for little jumping clown frogs in the lillies, their brightly covered skin making them easy to spot. Pink river dolphins surface and playfully spray water, as if trying to get our attention.

With my morning coffee on the boat deck, I spot a gigantic tarantula slowly making its way along. An iguana is hanging in the trees watching the creature as well, although I suspect his purpose is different than mine.

Parrots sing and dance, while larger birds of prey silently wait for a meal. A local fisherman shows us the good luck he had that day, not fish but an Anaconda he caught for good luck.

The jungle holds such a wondrous mystery, don’t you think?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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