how’s that thought for you?

Lyrics such as that are what hooked me to the artist Tori Amos back in 1990. We both have changed much since that time, but as the world continues to spin upon its axis, sometimes the stars align and fate brings things back together.

July 18th was one such incident as I found myself in Portland Oregon’s zoo listening to Tori’s commanding voice waft through the perfect summer evening, and into our hearts and minds.

Tori was alone upon the stage, save for a baby grand piano on her left and a small electric piano on her right. Her fiery ginger hair would toss about as she violently swung from one to the other, arching her delicate back and hips at the end of each song. Her presence was not to be denied. Slow renditions of her classics made them feel new again, and her mixing of genres was incredible. From a Kate Bush/Led Zeppelin mix, to an Aerosmith/Evanescence masterpiece, Tori did everything right.

Not bad for a lady who just turned fifty. It’s another reminder to me that age is just a number, nothing more.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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