Cabin life…lake life…Wisconsin life.

The further north I ventured, the thicker the woods of Wisconsin became. It’s hard to describe. I rely on intuition as I make my way down dirt roads, avoiding small deer that would dart in front of me before disappearing back into the woods. I finally find the path that takes me to my cabin for the next few days, and my legs swoon with joy.

It was small but cozy, perfect for a solo traveler. A fire pit to enjoy while watching the sunset over the lake, a canoe to take out in the mornings to paddle around and listen to the crazy loons, wildlife that would wander all around you, sometimes eyeing you through the windows.

This was my first VRBO experience, and now I’m hooked! I’ll never forget the Wisconsin woods, the serene beauty of the lake, and the amazing sunrises and sunsets.
Wisconsin, you outdid yourself.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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