San Fran with Sea Bee

2018 is my year of intimacy and dreams. Life has taken on new meaning lately, with a rejuvenated purpose for living happy and well. It’s just how she makes me feel.

We hadn’t seen each other in fourteen years, yet over the last couple of months we’ve become closer than ever before. Neither of us really know what to make of it, but we both want to see where this road leads.

She told me of her dream to travel more. I told her that I just might have a way to make that happen, and before we knew it, we left on our first trip together to San Francisco.
We wander the beautiful streets with the great people of this city, find little cafes to drink in while two girls make out in front of us. Eat brunch seaside in Point Lobos, walk forever along the coast to the Golden Gate Bridge.

We talk, and talk, and talk some more. I stare into her eyes and try to hide my ridiculous smile.
I fall in love with her white beanie that has a rainbow patch on the side.

She thinks I’m funny. I wish she’d let me take her picture.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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