Em and jared invited me to go with them and Syd to go the musical production of CATS downtown at the beautiful Capitol theatre. Being a fan of most musicals productions ( Mama Mia being the exception and i haven’t even seen it….) I was excited to see it and be with Syd with her first broadway show. To give a simple review, it was one crazy kitty freakshow. Learned how that famous song “MEMORY” fits into and comes from this show.
Had to take the pictures on my phone, so i changed the people into Sepia tone to try and reduce the poor quality. Enjoy.
Uncle Willy and princess Syd
the stage setting for CATS. not to shabby…
Daddy Jared with his Ryan Seacrest haircut. i’m just jealous i can’t sport that no more 🙁
The CATS character Deuteronomy. Old but wise, and tabby.

happy family. thanks to Uncle Aaron for watching C-Bug so we could go (smile)

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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