Ever since reading “The Shining” by Stephen King, I’ve been fascinated with the Stanley Hotel (which King based his novel on). This weekend I was able to go to Beautiful Estes Park, Colorado, to stay in this infamous hotel. ( To learn more about the history of F.O Stanley and the hotel he built, click HERE ) Left about noon on Friday, and decided to listen to MapQuest and drive there along scenic byway Highway 40. Although it added an hour to my trip, seeing beautiful mountain towns such as Craig, Steamboat Springs, Grand Lake, and the ultimate drive thru the heart of Rocky Mountain State Park made the trip wholely worthwhile.

This is Steamboat Springs. The pic was taken while driving out my sunroof. Nice autumn colors surrounding the soon to be covered mountainside of the ski resort.

The Stanley Hotel. The elk were everywhere as it is there mating season. Bugling, fighting bulls were around every corner (so it seemed)
I decided to get a condo instead of staying in the Hotel itself. Did this after reading all the bad reviews from people that stayed in the Hotel itself. So glad I did as this hotel is packed with wedding parties that can make the hotel very noisy. Besides I got my very own Hot Tub right outside my door!
This was my living room. Sweet place to chill and watch The Shining. freaky deeky.
The front of the Stanley
Beautiful Colorado sunset. Estes Park is a great place. Have many more pic’s of the weekend. To view please click on THE STANLEY HOTEL
Last, i thought i would try and be a Ghost Hunter (i’ve no idea why) and so I took a little video of the condo early Sunday morn to see if any spooks or spirits appear. i used a classic Jim Morrison song to create a good, ghostly atmosphere. Problem was, I couldn’t stay up late so i had to make it in the early morn.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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