Chapultepec Castle

Last year I tried to visit Chapultepec Castle on my last day in Mexico City, only to find out that it was closed on that day.

A bit of prior planning for my return trip this year made all of the difference, and on my second day in CDMX, I find myself walking up the long hill towards the infamous castle.
Now I could regurgitate the history of this place from wikipedia or google, but this site has never really been about doing that.

It’s about how I felt walking up the opulent staircases, seeing the beautiful Mexican artwork that tells the storied history of Mexico City, and being in the moment of solo traveling in a foreign country.
I was spell bound by the harsh depictions of cruelty in the namesake of religion. How faith is supposed to help one rise above the tragedy of this life.
I cried over the anguish portrayed, and yet felt inspired.

Such a bevy of emotions swirled my mind as I walked through Chapultepec Castle that I felt a little closer to heaven.

Which was more than I wanted, and all that I hoped to feel.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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