Lucha Libre

Late nights as a teenager I would watch the WWF on my tiny black and white television. I loved all the wrestling characters, and I even took my younger brother to a match in downtown Salt Lake City as soon as I could drive. Great memories.

When I was in Mexico City last year, people told me repeatedly that no trip to CDMX was complete without going to a Lucha Libre. I knew that upon my return this year that this was priority one.
It was my first day in the city. Two hours after arriving and checking into my hotel, I called for a taxi and was whisked away to the area where I was to meet my guide. I was about an hour early though, and so I wander around and get some street tacos while I wait.

As the evening comes, our group forms and we start our night by going to a local bar to have some drinks before the show.
We are served “puca” a local favorite that is made from a plant. It is said to have hallucinogenic healing properties to it. The drink is a thick, milky concoction, but not bad tasting at all. I relish in the local tradition, and drink with the locals as we dance and laugh to the energy in the small pub.

Before showtime at Arena Mexico, our guides surprise us with our own Lucha Libre mask to wear inside. We all get into the spirit. I’ve made friends with some gents from Finland, and they buy beers for all of us once we are seated inside.
I’ve never had so much fun. The energy and atmosphere inside is fantastic, great for families, tourists, friends and couples on a date.

I learned all the bad Mexican swear words, as it is tradition to heckle the wrestlers. I highly recommend a night seeing Lucha Libre if you find yourself in Mexico City.

You won’t regret it.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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