The sun had broken through the morning fog and was glimmering radiance off Deception bridge as the boat passed underneath. I felt lucky this morning, an indescribable notion that we would witness something special….

The San Juan Islands rolled slowly past, one after the other, as we made our way further towards the mighty Pacific. Anticipation was growing as the captain announces that a K Pod family has been spotted a few miles ahead. We all hold our collective breath, scanning the blue waters.

As quickly as the smooth water changes under a boats wake, dorsal fins rise. A family of Orca whales are feeding upon the Chinook salmon that are migrating through the rich waters. With a sunny day and bounty of food, the whales play and breach in the open.

Their size and beauty hold my gaze intently as I marvel in their pure existence.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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