When I went sailing a few days earlier and unexpectedly had some amazing whale encounters, I had little hope that luck would strike twice when I ventured onto my official whale charter.

We all meet at the maritime terminal, where throngs of people debark from their cruise ships early in the morning ready to explore PV for the day. Most of my whale watching group was from these massive cruise ships.

A traditional Mexican dance is being performed as we wait to board, as well as a talking parrot that you can get your photo with (for a price). I avoid these common tourist traps, and eventually get boarded onto our charter.

It is a beautiful morning as we leave the harbor, the sun is breaking through the clouds, warming our skin as we go out into Banderas Bay. All eyes are searching the blue waters, with nay a word being spoken. The anticipation is growing exponentially.

It doesn’t take long before whales appear, Mothers with young calves, as well as males playing and splashing about. The size, strength and simple beauty of these amazing creatures has everyone spellbound.

I find it hard to describe in words the feeling one has being out on the water with these creatures, so I’ll let this video summarize my day for you.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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