Dia De Los Muertos

I come down off the mountain and into the city. Ever since moving to Arizona, I’ve been searching for an authentic Dia De Los Muertos festival. It’s the weekend before Halloween and a few festivals are going on in the Valley of the Sun, but I choose one close to home, in downtown Mesa.

This is my first such festival, so I have high hopes but no real expectations. I enjoy a cold cerveza and listen to Mexican heritage music under a canopy of bright colors.

The festival is kind of a bust for me, but I do enjoy some of the musical acts. What made this trip worth it though was one artist’s booth, showcasing classic Mexican painted skulls in unique ways.

As the community around me celebrates life during the Day of the Dead, I now think about our current social distancing guidelines, our global pandemic, and the rising death toll.

Will our lives return to the normalcy that we once knew, or will we all be wearing masks, bandanas, and painted skulls to contain the microscopic killer that potentially lies within all of us?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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