The return to Disney

2007 is the year that this little blog began. It was a year that marked the change of many things within our little family, most notably of course was the loss of my only sister, my parents only daughter, my niece and nephew’s only Aunt. Trying to move on with life and reconcile our loss resulted in a little family trip to Disneyland in November of that year.

Twelve years later the family returns. My first niece and nephew are now full blown teenagers, and we have new little ones, as well as new sister-in-laws that weren’t around on our first journey. It was also my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

Sadness is a heavy bitch to try and shrug off of one’s shoulders. There are constant reminders of my sister in the eyes of my nieces and nephews, the far off stare of my Dad, the twinge of tears in my Mom’s voice. Yet we try to let the happiest place on earth alleviate this pain, if only for a moment.

I try to remember that the little one’s only have heard stories and seen old pictures of her. They only want to see the fun Disney characters, eat cotton candy, and go on ride, after ride, after ride….

Sometimes I feel more guilty if I try to forget the memories of the past.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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