As I stepped out of our matatu ( van), and onto the dirt courtyard, I see a line of children in uniform before me standing in military style.


“They are practicing scouting!”  I excitedly think to myself.

Simple extra curriculum programs such as scouting, theater, sports and dance may be easily taken for granted in some parts of the world, but here in the slums of Nairobi, Build.Create.Kenya sees them as lifelines to a better future for these precious children.

We entered the non formal school, greeting the classrooms of students and teachers as they were preparing for their K.C.P.E ( Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) test, which students must pass to have any chance at all to continue with their dream of a better life.

The school stops their studies though to welcome the new visitors. We gather in an upstairs classroom to watch the students perform skits, songs, and plays for us. I am truly in awe with the level of detail I’ve seen in the performances over the years.

To produce round, disciplined citizens and excellence in academic, discipline and spiritually.
To provide high standards of education aimed at producing productive and responsible children true to our motto.
I feel it safe to say that Build.Create.Kenya was empowered with the school’s Mission and Vision statements, and humbled by their dedication to education and community.
The eyes of our in country director, Justus, probably sums up the day best, as all one can see is pride in his face, hope in his eyes, and a vision for a better future throughout the image.

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  1. It always amazes me how important African children think school is compared to lots of children in the 'modern world.' African children seem to value just the opportunity of an education so highly. Great post.

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