The experiences of going to Kenya take time for me to fully grasp. When I feel ready to share, I use a rear view internal mirror to look back upon my time spent there.

Build.Create.Kenya’s first days were spent visiting as many non formal school’s as possible in the slums of Nairobi, learning as much as we could about the education system in Kenya.

We also caught up with old friends, visited slum neighborhoods, and went to our favorite orphanage.

As the day was ending and we were heading back for the night, we came across a large coca-cola delivery truck that was stuck on the dirt road.

Cars were backed up in both directions, and in true Kenyan spirit, everyone got out of their cars, homes, and places of business to come assess the situation, and figure out how to get the truck unstuck and moving again.

I wouldn’t do this at home, but while in Kenya, you get caught up in in the spirit of the people, the spirit of community.

We all got out of the van, and us four whitey’s were right there in the mix, assessing the situation, coming up with ideas to help get the truck moving, laughing with strangers about the predicament.

We finally were able to get the truck back on the road and moving again. It seems like such an insignificant event, yet for reasons unknown to us, it really was an amazing end to the day.

A day I reflected upon late into the night, and continue to do from time to time, like today…

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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