My memory is a funny animal, as I usually can’t remember what I ate the day before, and most conversations blur quickly. But I do have one memory that always stay with me, but why it does is another matter.

I couldn’t have been more than four years old when my parents took myself and my brother ( a mere 18 months younger than I ) on our first family vacation. My three younger siblings were still fragmented dreams of the family my parents wanted to have, and with them only being married a few years, I’m sure this was our first vacation as a young family. We loaded up the car and drove to California.

I’m sure that we went and did the typical excursions, but I don’t remember any of those. I only remember the beach. I was sitting in the sand, watching the waves come precariously close to my little toes. The sun was slowly working it’s way to the other side of the world. My little brother was sitting close to me, making sand castles with our little plastic shovel and pail.

I turned my head back to the motel on the beach where we were staying, the wind lightly whipping my blond locks into my eyes. As I raised my hand to brush the hair out of my face, I saw two people standing there, arm in arm, smiling. My father was surveying the surroundings, soaking in the sunset, the soft waves crashing against the white sand. My mother was looking into his face, and then turned to look right at me, and smiled.

I didn’t get up and run to them. I didn’t motion to my brother to look. I only stared back, and smiled myself.

I find it comforting to always have this memory with me. I can conjure it at anytime, and like a warm, soft blanket, it always soothes me.
Well friends and neighbors, that’s it. Seven things you didn’t know about me. Seven things I’ve not shared with many people at all. I want to thank E.W. from the bottom of my heart for selecting me for this meme, and for Mr. London Street for starting this idea. It has opened up a whole new way to express myself. To continue this meme, I now get to select seven other bloggers to write about seven things. You get to choose the topics. Whether you choose to do this or not is completely up to you. I won’t be hurt if you don’t accept.
Albatross – I first loved his writing with this post here. Since writing this, he has  metamorphosized into a new type of writer. Whether he accepts this challenge or not, read his work. You will not be disappointed.
Sunny little rain cloud – A friend I met in Kenya this past summer. She told me once that she wishes she was more creative on her blog ( not that it isn’t interesting and usually hilarious already!), so here’s your chance.
Dopey Larue – Dopey has made a major life change recently in going back to school to pursue a degree in journalism/writing. She is the most positive person I’ve ever met.
The anarchist project – This blog was started to help creativity flow while working on his book. The book is done, and he’s been somewhat quiet since. Maybe this will spark a new writing streak. If not, you will enjoy what has been written in the past.
Avy – Her blog title is hilarious, but her writing is beyond belief. I love everything about her style.
Wild Celtic – I just started following her, but I feel that all she needs is something like this to really let her writing take a whole new dimension.
The Hermitage – Hands down, this is the most creative and unique blog I’ve come across. Whether she writes a meme or not, you will be better off glimpsing her amazing world.

5 Replies to “Dusting off a closed book : Chapter 7 "Memory"”

  1. That was a pretty memory 🙂

    This post came pretty much at the height of a “OHMYGOD what have I done????” breakdown about leaving the comfort of my cushy job & returning to school…and after reading the part about me being positive JD says “boy have you got him fooled”. Made me laugh…

    I am SO on this…soon, and I am honored to be one of your selected!

  2. Thanks! I will give it a try. Once I'm all settled and moved into my new dorm room in Manchester, that is. 🙂 Probably this weekend. Thank you for thinking of me!

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