Emerald Bay

I have a few hours remaining before my flight, and so I decide to take the long road around Lake Tahoe so I can stretch out my time.

This brings me to Emerald Bay, a spot I’ve forgotten all about from my previous trips out here. I decide to hike down to the water’s edge and see if I can get a kayak to go out to the island. I think I have just enough time.

The hike is a quick 1.5 miles, but it’s straight down the mountain. I find the kayak outfitting group only to discover that they don’t have any single kayaks available. No matter, I continue on the trail to see if I can find an alternate route back up the mountain.

The trail never really ascends, only following the shoreline around the lake. After a couple more miles I realize that this will never take me back topside, and with the minutes quickly ticking away I retrace my steps and head back whence I came.

Perhaps the stars will align that I can one day return and make it out to the the Emerald Bay island, but for today I settle for pictures and memories.

I get back in the car and head to the airport, ending my weekend in picturesque Lake Tahoe.

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