Finding Zen on Whidbey Island

It was a perfect Sunday to walk aimlessly along the beach on Whidbey Island. He’d eaten some happiness and found himself in a State of Zen. He forgot about clocks, days of the week, even his own 21st century thoughts. He moved back in time with each step. Closer to his own true nature and further from what he had previously perceived as the way to live.

The man listened to the sea birds along the shore, wondering if one could understand their language. He inched his way closer to them, trying to communicate, yet the birds only responded with a flutter of wings as the flock ascended into the air and away from this stranger. He knew he would need to dig deeper into his soul. Further he walked into the unknown.

Gnarled trees bow their branches as he passes. Running his dark skin against the bark he felt the electric sting of Nature go through his body. Looking around, he sees no other forms of life that mirror his own image.

Clothes makes no sense, and they fall from his body. Truth of his existence becomes clearer in this naked freedom.

Onward the man goes.

Movement. He realizes that this is all a body, of any life form, needs to keep living. The animals of this world have figured this out long ago. Humans too, until the last few decades. Technology and convenience have dulled our more animalistic nature. The clarity comes to him in waves as he releases demons into the air.

He swims out into the ocean, and with each stroke finds Zen.

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