Up, down and all around Deception Pass

My father and I hardly ever speak, we just aren’t that close, which is ok. Because of this though is why Deception Pass is so special to me, as it is the one place that my Dad shared a memory with me about the place I was born. It was a simple memory, one of him fishing just below the bridge, but it’s a memory I’ll never forget.

I walk along the bridge, mesmerized by the colors of the water below. I spot a giant sea lion swimming quickly against the current, its powerful body gliding along in the clear waters before diving down and out of sight.

On the other side of the bridge is a trail that takes me down to the shore. I see couples holding hands and wonder if my parents did the same thing when I was just a baby. I like to think they did, and were happy as a young newlywed couple in the months before my Dad went off to Vietnam.

The beach is full of families enjoying a picnic lunch, old men fishing, and couples finding quiet spots under the shade of pine trees to make out.

A place where the confluence of the open ocean meets the edge of the Pacific Northwest. A powerful force is at work here, Perhaps that is where the name Deception Pass came from.

Maybe evil forces like to deceive us that this place isn’t a special vortex in the Universe.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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