It was hard to fathom that my final day of walking in Scotland was here. My body has surprised me in every possible way…physically, mentally and spiritually. I am the best version of myself as I starting walking along the tarmac from Blackfold.

I use my time to fondly remember the people with whom I’ve crossed paths over these last three weeks. As the memories come, smile after smile finds its way to my face.

My final journey ends just like it began, by my lonesome for most of the time. Just the way I like it. Eventually I see the tops of spires and a cluster of buildings that can only be the Capital of the Highlands, Inverness.

The sea stretching out beyond the shores of Northern Scotland as I come down off the mountain and into the city itself.

The hustle and bustle of a vibrant city is always a shock to my senses after so many straight days in the forest and open landscapes of this country.

I follow the river cutting its way through Inverness until I arrive at the steps of Inverness castle, marking the end of the Great Glen Way. Overcome with emotion I am, full of a sense of accomplishment that I walked from Glasgow to Inverness over three weeks, a distance of two hundred and forty miles.

Time to celebrate with a nice quiet dinner, followed by some self reflection and contemplation.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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