I pull out the hand drawn, makeshift map I was given and find my way through the Drumnadrochit streets to the secret walking path. A trail mostly used for dog walking or a quiet contemplation of life in general. It was just what I needed for this second to last day on the Great Glen Way.

I thoroughly enjoy my time in these little woods as the sun beats down on a late afternoon. When I emerge I decide to venture further along the outskirts of town towards Loch Ness itself. The map shows another secret path the locals use to get to the shores of the lake and possibly a view of the castle that is around here somewhere.

Through grassy fields I go, coming across other locals out with their dogs. I can hear the water lapping up against the shoreline, then quickly find myself at Loch Ness. The water feels cool, the breeze coming off the lake is refreshing.

A lone dock has two girls on it, taking pictures of each other. A family is playing in the water a few yards down the beach. I sit on a picnic bench and soak it all in next to some lovely flowers in vases others have left behind. I can’t seem to find a trail that would continue onward to the castle, but I’m not disappointed.

It really has been a perfect day. I’m ready to go to the local Loch Ness Inn and try some haggis. I’m famished.

Tomorrow is my final leg of this Great Glen Way journey.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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