Downtown Inverness is alive and buzzing with activity as I walk along the river. Throngs of folks are enjoying drinks and dinner outside, as it is a lovely, late summer evening. Wandering aimlessly I am, hoping to stumble upon a place that will accept a solo traveler looking for a quiet meal.

Crossing bridges, admiring the spires and architecture of the city when I stumble upon a little family run affair in the theatre district. They have a table for one available, and the ambience is just to my liking.

It’s the perfect spot to reflect upon my time here in Scotland. No one knows the distance I’ve covered, it’s as though I have a secret all to myself.

I think I like it that way. I enjoy a tasty Scottish steak, then head back out to capture a few more pics of Inverness before calling it a night.

One night is never enough to get a true feel for a city, but I can say that the vibrant nature of the people and the beauty that came shining through just from walking around downtown was full of goodness and light.

I sleep well, as I have an early train back to Glasgow in the morning.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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