“We have two hours until they start?”

“Yes, but you aren’t going anywhere old man, just sit down and take a nap.”

Since the day you were born, we’ve always had that special bond. My first niece, the grandparents first grandchild. Since holding your little hand tightly while watching our first Disney fireworks show back in 2007, to looking up to you now as you grow taller, more mature and beautiful, full of hope and laughter as you navigate the turbulent waters of adulthood.

I’m sorry you can’t have the birthday or graduation that you have dreamed of. I hope your Summer trip to Hawaii doesn’t get cancelled, and that college bound dreams still happen.

I’ll always remember watching this Disney fireworks show with you, listening to you tell me the movies the songs are based on, as we still hold hands as our family reunion comes to a close.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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