It’s rare to find a person as inspiring as Emily. This beautiful young woman has dedicated her life to the unfortunate, abandoned, orphaned children in the Soweto slums outside of Nairobi.


I first met Emily in 2009, helping her tear down tin sheets they were currently using and to put up stone walls, building structures for toilets to replace the holes in the ground they were currently using.

Four years later, Emily takes great pride in finding resources and funds within her own country, as well as being proactive to establish contacts worldwide with Non Governmental agencies to help her orphanage grow into a safe place for the children that live there.

Her orphanage currently has three levels, many bedrooms, a sitting area with kitchen, a storage space with extra food, clothing, and school supplies, and on top she has a safe play area that is completely fenced in. Amazing.

Through personal sacrifice, tragedy, and daily hardships I can barely comprehend, Emily always has a smile and cheery disposition that warms any human heart.

For you Emily. I love you.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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