hidden dinosaurs lurking in Fern Canyon

The Redwood forest is covered in gray ash from the nearby fires, a coffin that is closing down on the greenery within.
 “It’s the end of the world” the man thinks as he straps on his gas mask. Today he has two enemies; the toxic atmosphere and the ancient beasts that lurk within the hidden foliage of Fern Canyon.

Not another soul is around as his footsteps start the walk into the mysterious canyon. The water is running it’s mouth along the smooth rocks as the ferns gently sway in the light morning breeze. He climbs over fallen logs and sees his first ugly creature.
The snake disappears quickly into the forest, a reminder of larger dangers that may also be lurking here. He carries on, going deeper, his mind becoming clearer with purpose the more that the danger is apparent.
 The roar of the mighty beasts freezes his heart in terror. He catches a glimpse before they vanish in the smoky haze of this enchanted forest. He flips the mask off his face but sees nothing around him but the slow drip of waterfall spray down the green canyon walls.

Was it all a dream, an episode of his subconscious mind?


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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