(in Mexico) a public square or plaza.
The golden hour of morning light is still a few minutes away. I make my way to the ATM across the street from the hotel, then ask an older gent smoking a cigarette as he is leaning against his pink CDMX taxi if he can take me to the Zocalo.

and away we go….
There are many, many Zocalo’s in Mexico City, so it takes me a few minutes to explain to the taxi driver that I’m looking for the one where the opening scene of the movie “Spectre” was filmed.

I arrive just as the sun starts peeking through the clouds. A massive Mexican Flag is slowly flapping in the gentle breeze in the middle of the plaza as workers are cleaning the streets from last night’s festivities. I find a church to enter….
Our Lady of Guadalupe watches over me as I silently sit in a pew and listen to the service. I’m humbled in the presence of the religious architecture.

After feeling content from the morning service, I continue up and down the streets around the Zocalo, finding graffiti art and stunning buildings everywhere.

It’s a strangely familiar feeling I have wandering the Zocalo, a feeling of Deja Vu. Yet, I have not been here before, at least not that I can recall….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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